Park West Detroit

Art enthusiasts worldwide visit the Park West Detroit and Miami Lakes art galleries, in search of fine artwork to add to their collections. Over 1.8 million customers have experienced Park West Gallery through cruise ship art auctions, art auctions in major metropolitan cities, and via the company’s public art galleries. In order to reach an assortment of collectors, Park West Gallery has built relationships with variety of artists, publishers and representatives. This network allows the company to offer for collection a wide amount of fine artwork from both living and deceased artists, some of which Park West Gallery even serves as the exclusive art dealer for.

Park West Detroit is home to 23 expansive art exhibits, including an exterior gallery showcase. The art gallery in Detroit contains hundreds of rotating fine art collections at a single time for exhibit. This location serves as the company’s corporate headquarters, and is home to executive offices, staff offices, fine art storage facilities, restoration studios, research department, video production department, digital catalog printing facilities and customer service department.

The Park West art gallery in Miami Lakes serves as the company’s distribution center and provides artwork for both cruse ship and land-based art auctions worldwide. The Florida facility includes executive offices and a newly-constructed art gallery. Both the Detroit and Florida art galleries are open to the public for visitation.

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