Linda Le Kinff


Le Kinff was born in Paris in 1949. Her father was French, her mother Brazilian. At age 18, she visited Italy, and it was at this point, after years of making art, that she became serious about becoming a professional painter. Unexpectedly, she ended up spending the better part of 12 years in Italy, in part studying with Italian artists, immersing herself in the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods, and learning a wide range of techniques, such as tempera, gold leaf, printmaking, and especially engraving — techniques that would serve her well over the years and allow her to express herself in a broad range of media, more than most artists.


Le Kinff works without a model and her inspiration comes from travel, her dreams, reading and her imagination. Her subjects are extremely diverse, and include musical scenes, poetic interpretations of people caught in an intimate moment of their lives, and couples elegantly dressed, out for a night on the town. Her influences include the hidden sensuality of Braque, the masterful drawing of Matisse, the elegance of Modigliani and the precocious maturity of Egon Schiele who died at the age of 28. She also finds inspiration in the work of Gauguin, Picasso, and Gustav Klimt.