Linda Le Kinff

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The timeless style of Linda Le Kinff

Examine the art of Linda Le Kinff – notice anything missing? Amidst the elegant clothing, colorful settings and musical instruments, there are no signs of 20th century technology in her artwork. No computers, televisions, satellites or smartphones. It’s as if Le Kinff has opened a portal to a time where everyone stops to smell the…. read more

Linda Le Kinff on expression though technique

To achieve the exotic, lush and intoxicating imagery of her artwork, Linda Le Kinff has mastered multiple techniques. Not bound by a limited number of mediums, Le Kinff is an artist who has combined everything from acrylic and casein to ink and watercolor to create her own unique and recognizable artwork. She gives equal status…. read more

Linda Le Kinff: The traveled artist

Linda Le Kinff has traveled the globe, seen its wonders and learned a myriad of techniques that she has fused together to bring the world to her collectors through art. Le Kinff began her career as a painter when she was 20 years old. Since that time, her journey as an artist has taken her all…. read more